The Curse of Knowledge

Have you ever known something and can’t imagine that you didn’t ever know it?  Well, not everybody is inside your head and can understand that you know it.  Below is an incredibly interesting web site that gives tips on how to avoid distancing future students with your knowledge.  The title of the web sit is:

6 ways to overcome The Curse of Knowledge and communicate more effectively

1)     Lose the jargon – forget those silly buzzwords – you’re not impressing anyone.

2)     Spell out everything – Acronyms – forget them.  Put simply – this confuses everyone.

3)     Do not assume anything about your audience – imagine nobody knows what you are talking about.

4)     Don’t “dumb down” your presentation – Get a feel for your audience – interact with them, ask questions, get feedback and work to engage your future students, not belittle them with childish talk.

5)     Drop the condescending attitude – This is simple – speak to people like they’re people, not someone who is less important than you.

6)     Have patience – Everyone does not works, learns, understands or engages with the content in the same way – be patient, you’ll get there in the end.

Curse of knowledge

This is not finished yet – needs a lot of tweaking……Sandra