How I’ve coped with all of this so far…..

What I’ve learnt in the first week…..

Wow – what a time I’ve had trying to work all of this out….  So far I’ve successfully got my blog page up and running, I’ve been in and investigated how PREZI works so that when I have enough information I can start to put the first assignment together, I’ve created my Diigo account and have a general idea that it’s for organising online resources, however, I’m still to work that out.

I’ve also created a feedly account and I get the feeling that this site is much the same as Pinterest, a place where one can search for interesting ‘stuff’.  Always the one to ‘try’ and be organised, I have also opened a twitter account and if I do indeed post something, I’m quite sure that people will actually find out how incredibly boring my life really is.

Anyhow, some of the other EDC3100 students have created fabulous web sites, and here’s some that I’ve found interesting.

  • Olivia Arthur and her take on “Teaching in the Age of Minecraft” and the benefits that children gain from this very popular computer game.
  • Wendy Corbett posted “Week 1 ICT and the gift of hearing” which goes into detail about a boy called Daniel and how ICT has helped him deal with deafness. This is special to my heart as I currently work in a ‘Deaf’ high school and love that Wendy has called hearing impaired by it’s correct term which is deaf.
  • I also enjoyed reading the site of Michelle Casey and her simple, yet effective, take on “Where would we be without technology”.

I have read many more comments on other student’s blogs, however, my family requires my attention and people are starting to say they’re hungry.  Off to cook dinner.  Hopefully it will look something like this…..

dinnerHowever, I fear it will look more like this……

dinner 2


3 thoughts on “How I’ve coped with all of this so far…..

  1. This is quite funny. My poor children are fending for themselves tonight as I try to catch up on blogs and I myself have consumed 1 plate of ice-cream for dinner (so far). Uni does not equal a healthy life style at times.
    You write with such heart Sandra. Well done.


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