PKM – Personal Knowledge Mastery….

This makes sense…..  So, my understanding of PKM is all about taking control of your own future by pursuing professional development opportunities, staying connected with updates in technology.  This can be done whatever your employment situation, whether your are part time, full time, self employed or currently looking for employment.

The breakdown of PKM can be explained as:

  • Personal – what interests you?
  • Knowledge – what you know and understand and how to act on it.
  • Mastery – student to teacher, apprentice to an accomplished trades person, student to teacher, etc…

In order to be successful in your PKM journey, it is vital to undertake the process of ‘seeking, sensing and sharing’.

  • Seeking – searching for knowledge, colleagues and creating positive networks.
  • Sensing – Personalising information, successfully reflecting and engaging with what we’ve learnt.
  • Sharing – resources, ideas and experience.

This is truly a wonderful framework that has impacted on me because I study education, I work in education and I love kids.  I believe my knowledge is building everyday, although I am not a master yet, I soon hope to be – although I will always be learning.

I love that this framework encourages me to seek out knowledge and with this knowledge I will be able to personalise this for my future students and I look forward to sharing my many resources and, hopefully, vast knowledge with my future colleagues.

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