You can teach an old dog new tricks……

Can I – as a future educator take on the role of ‘Digital Renovator?’  As stated on the StudyDesk, it is quite possible that when we attend our three week prac in May, it could quite possibly look like this…

olden day classroom

However, I currently work in a local high school and I like to think that it looks like this…….

technology in the classroom

My goal is to have a classroom that looks like this……..

Classrooms of the future

As you can see, picture 1 shows how things used to be – very robotic, clinical and incredibly structured with little opportunity for students to exhibit their individual skills.

Throughout my experience almost 10 years working in education, the SMART Whiteboard has become a haven for teachers keen to exhibit their fanciest, sparkly and newest PowerPoint production – something that has now taken on the title of ‘Death by PowerPoint’.

Picture 3 displays a very constructivist approach to learning where students are the makers of meaning and knowledge and that learning occurs as learners are actively involved in a process of meaning and knowledge.  This, is my personal favourite.

I was really interested to look at the WordPress site of Kristyl Pike where she elaborated more on how we can engage students using such technologies as videos, music, internet/websites, games, apps and quizzes to engage students. However, within her site Kristyl does suggest problems that using too much technology may cause.

In all honesty, I don’t currently have the ICT skills that will enable me to run this type of classroom environment as effectively as I would like to, however, I’m willing to learn as I believe keeping up to date with technology is the only way forward for our students.

By looking at this You Tube link called ‘The history of Technology in education’, we can really see how far we’ve come.

So, by looking at all of this information, I’d like to believe that ‘You can indeed teach an old dog new tricks’, and I’m ready to learn.


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