I’m not anti-social – I’m just on my computer…..

Ok, I’ve got to say that I was a little surprised when I did the quiz in the Week 2 checklist.  I definitely thought that people were becoming more anti-social because of technology.  I thought I knew this because it’s almost impossible to get anything but a grunt from any one of my four children when they’re within arms reach of any type of electronic device.  If I was to tell my kids to go outside and play, this is probably what would happen….

children and technology

I searched Google images and typed “Is Technology making us anti social” into the search engine and here’s a bit of what I found…..

Anti social anti social family

So, have times really changed, or is human behaviour still the same?  Is it just simply the distracting device that has changed?

Quite honestly, I was now really interested.  So much so that I decided to type into the Google search engine “Has technology made us anti-social” and was directed to this web site…. https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20140804/20514528111/technology-doesnt-make-us-less-social-it-just-changes-way-we-socialize.shtml where it is suggested that not much has changed over the last 100 years.

I continued my search of other web sites and found a lot of debates on this topic, but could not find any hard evidence for or against.  One website, The Hamilton Spectator, seems convinced that technology is indeed making us anti-social….  http://www.thespec.com/community-story/4228591-technology-is-making-us-anti-social/

So, I think this is a topic that will continue into the future as more and more devices become available and technology continues to improve.

But, in the meantime, I want my family to look like this…..

family at the dinner table 2

NOT like this…..

family at the dinner table


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