Pedagogy….What the????

Well, says that it’s

  1. The function or work of a teacher; teaching.
  2. The art or science of teaching; education; instructional methods.

So, by using ICT’s in the classroom, we need to know how to teach, what we’re teaching and how to be effective and engaging.  That’s a lot to take on isn’t it, but, here some ideas on how we can do that.

How can we effectively engage out students?

By using The Decoding Learning Report effectively, teacher can use their knowledge of pedagogy to effectively engage students with ICT.

The 8 themes are:

  • Learning from experts.
  • Learning with others.
  • Learning through making.
  • Learning through exploring.
  • Learning through inquiry.
  • Learning through practising.
  • Learning from assessment.
  • Learning in and across settings.

This document Decoding-learning-innovation-data-Nov2012 gives 150 examples of how we, as educators, can effectively engage our students with fantastic ICT educational ideas.  I have a look through and my personal favourite is number 117 where students are encouraged to use their mobile phones to improve their literacy skills.

It is a lot to take on, but as future educators, we can do it.

ICT joke


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