Science and the 5E’s framework.

I was reading through my emails this morning when I happened up Mrs Hill’s Adventures with ICT blog post The 5E’s Teaching and Learning Model.

I couldn’t believe it as this is exactly what I am considering using for assignment 2 as well.  I also love the 5E’s and I used this model previously in my Science subject EDX2260 Teaching Science for Understanding.  In this assignment I summarised the 5E’s like this:


  • Connections between past and present learning.
  • Students become committed to the project.


  • Observe the environment.
  • Touch, feel and look at materials.


  • Students can verbalise their understanding.
  • Opportunity to introduce formal terms.


  • Opportunity to investigate further.
  • Students develop deeper understandings.


  • Students can assess what they have learnt.
  • Allows educators to check student understanding.

I regularly use this framework for lesson plans and find it to also be very successful in the classroom.


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