The tail wags the dog….What the???

I love this…I work as a teacher aide in a high school and there are certain teachers who are repeat offenders of this.  For example, the Year 9 science teacher says take out your laptop and open a word document and copy down these notes.  Although it is necessary to take notes, could these notes be combined over the course of the term to create a Prezi presentation, for example, so that students can hopefully gain some type of motivation and interaction with ICT rather than just copying down mindless words?

However, I do believe that the tail wagging the dog has it’s place in education.  For example, in the Student Support Unit at my high school, students regularly make PowerPoint presentations at the end of a topic which regularly becomes an assessment piece.  This is quite beneficial to a wide variety of these students as they understand what is expected of them, can understand the technology, feel comfortable with it and can take risks with their decorations. 

For some members of this particular group of students presenting new technologies often leads to meltdowns, shutdowns and at times, downright refusal to try something new.   It is my opinion that if students are learning the content, why push students to use new technologies if it causes such adverse reactions?

Oh, and I wonder how many shirt sales David has made from this module?  


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