So, what will I be doing for Assignment 2?

I have been tossing up what the heck I’ll be doing for assignment 2.  I’ve thought about Maths and fractions, thought about Geography and the lay of the land and I’ve even thought about History and how I could incorporate some form of Indigenous perspective.

However, I keep coming back to Science Year 4 and ‘Living things have life cycles’ (ACSSU072).  Why, because I just like it…

I was reading through some other blogs and was buoyed to see that Amanda Conway has chosen the same topic; hopefully this is a good thing.  It will certainly be interesting to see the differences in our assignment as it would be very fascinating to see her take on this topic.

I was also reading through Raquel’s ICT learning journal and came across her post Identifying Learning Objectives for A2 and was pleased to see that she’s also looking at Science, however, this time for Year 1.

I was also reminded when Lucas Naughton wrote on his blog site to not forget about the three learning experience and the order in which they should be constructed.  Thanks Lucas.

I am certainly enjoying reading through these blog posts and am feeling reassured to see that Science is definitely something that people are considering.


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