Some great links I’ve discovered…

This link is my personal fave at the moment.  It’s from the College of William and Mary School of Education.  I was really struggling to grasp how I was ever going to incorporate ICT into this unit plan, but this link gives ideas, tips and breaks it all down subject by subject.  I love it.

Although I used this for assignment 1, I think it’s an awesome site.  It’s ClassDojo. This program allows teachers to communicate with parents and students in a safe environment about grades, behaviours, homework, upcoming events and the list goes on.  Love it.

And maybe this site is well known by many, but it wasn’t by me until today.  This site, Australian Curriculum Lessons, gives you lesson plans for many, many subjects but goes further to simplify and explain how to implement these topics into the classroom.  Another one I simply love…

Anyway, I’m sure there’ll be loads more but these three have really taken my fancy.


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