Week 1 reflections.

Well, what a week it’s been.  These little grade oners are certainly giving me a run for my money; however, I’m loving it!!!

On the Wednesday I got a visit from my USQ liaison officer.  Quite a shock actually.  I was out the front of the class with my little ones lined up ready for me to teach them and my mentor says ‘The Vice Principal is coming this way, and he’s got some USQ guy with him’.  Far out I thought.  As if I need this added pressure.  Then my mentor says ‘They’ve got no record of you being here, have you been signing in each day?’  Well, all this in the space of about 15 seconds.  Pressure!!!

Anyhooo, it all turned out fine, the Vice Principal was just showing the USQ dude where to go and then the  Vice Principal just turned and left.  The USQ guy was just making sure I was fine and was only there for a very brief time.  After class I went to the office and said ‘I have been signing in’ and the lady said ‘Oh yeh, that’s right, it’s all fine now’.  Man.  They weren’t looking hard enough to see where I HAD been signing in each day.

I was reading through Saranna’s blog and saw a lovely photo of a lady with her feet up resting on the couch.  This will be me in a very short space of time.

I was reading ‘Ramblings of a Preservice Educator’ and was pleased to see that this blog gives a great spin on prac and a helpful mentor.

Anyhoo, off to write a few more blogs then up my feet will go.  Hope you’re all loving prac…


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