Classroom games for kiddies.

Last week I went to the Year 6 classroom to check it out and see what goes on in there.  While I was there the male teacher was very aware of who was listening, who wasn’t and who just needed a few minutes to keep the brain active.  So, he started doing this game called ‘Do what I say, not what I do’.  He started saying ‘hands on heads, hands on shoulder, hands on elbows (but he’d put his hands on his head instead)’.  He’d then say things like ‘ahh, falling like flies, got you there, you guys are too easy, right back on task we go’.  And you know what, they all did – it was really awesome to watch.

Mrs Hill’s adventures with ICT blog site says that she’s been having some behaviour management issues.  She also said that they started to shut off and found that by ‘asking them to stand up and move around and playing a quick game is enough to get them energized and back to work’.  Awesome to hear this simple strategy has positive effects.

This website called ‘Go Noodle’ gives kids the opportunity to re-energize, do a bit of exercise and then come back into the learning zone.  Heaps of great games and activities.


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