OH MY GOSH – How am I ever going to get all of this done???

I was checking through my emails just now and I came across this chestnut from James titled Time Management.  In his blog he talks about feeling overwhelmed with going on prac and all the assignments that he has piled up back to back that need to be completed.

I feel the same way, completely overwhelmed, concerned I’m not keeping up with everything, but I’m giving it a red hot go.  I have lesson planning to do for next week, an online quiz for 2400 that I need to get done today, I have a 2000 word assignment due and an upcoming exam that I really have not prepared for at all.  And let’s not forget this 3100 chestnut due 10 days after prac that I’ve barely started. 

But, I’ve been at this whole uni thing for a few years now and I always seem to get through it all – don’t know how I do, but I do, and I’m determined to do it again this semester. 


3 thoughts on “OH MY GOSH – How am I ever going to get all of this done???

  1. Totally agree with you Sandra, now that I am down to only one subject per semester for the remainder of my degree I have no idea how I used to do four subjects and juggle life. But I know you will get through another semester 🙂 and then soon enough we will be graduating together !

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  2. […] Sandra sums it up nicely when she describes everything she needs to get done over the next few weeks. Similarly, I have my last week of prac with its accompanying lesson plans, two assignments due the week after prac, are both unfinished, and the EDC3100 one which has been barely started. I wouldn’t be stressing so much if I had the long weekend but we have a work weekend away for my husbands work so no study will occur then. […]


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