Those (insert expletive here) USQ Lesson templates….

What can I say?  I understand that we need to know all the things outlined on this template as we are learning to be teachers; however, in the real world I am not going to:

  • Type out my strategies to facilitate, guide and enable students to achieve the learning.
  • Type out how I need to synthesise learnings.
  • Type out which authoritative pedagogies I’ve supported, etc, etc.

This lesson template is over complicated, expects too much and is incredibly time consuming.  Whenever I have used this template the only part I ever use is the Resources, Introduction, Lesson Body and Conclusion sections.  All other parts are pretty much ignored and have no impact on my lesson.

So, what about something like this as a lesson template?  I know it’s very simplistic, but, it will work for me.  And, once I’ve finished this whole uni journey, I feel confident in saying that I will never, ever, ever use the USQ lesson template again.


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