Week 2 reflections.

Wow.  Grade 1 – what an experience.  The kids are now starting to get a bit comfy with me and me with them.  They are a delightful bunch.  Since I’ve been there we’ve had 2 students of the week, and I’ve targeted them to be my ‘special helpers’ – something they’re over the moon to do.

I’ve had a few naughty kids as well – one that goes out of his way to distract other, another that is really passive aggressive (the worst kind) and another who continually makes fart noises. 

I’ve also had snot issues – bit gross really.  One child blew her nose then licked the tissue – that’s the ultimate really isn’t it?  And the sniffing, the horrible continual sniffing of children with colds.   Bleerrrrkkkk….

Funnily enough, I am now sick as well – well, it isn’t really funny, it’s actually kind of annoying, but I’m on the mend now and determined to see my final week of prac completed on Friday.

So, there’s the good, the bad and the ugly of week 2 on prac.


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