A little bit about me…..

Hi all… This is my very first blog post, and I have noticed by reading some of your sites that I am certainly not alone and this comforts me greatly.

I am a mother of 4 gorgeous children who I simply adore, two of mine and two of my husbands.  Starting from the left is my son Budda, my husband Paul’s two daughters Olivia and Rachel and finally my daughter Naomi.  The two eldest children Budda and Rachel have finished school while Naomi is currently in Grade 12 and Olivia is in Grade 10.

Dunnings photo

I currently work full time at a local high school in the Student Support Unit, and I love it.  In 2011, the school I work at offered myself and a number of other teacher aides the opportunity to obtain their Diploma in Education Support through the Gold Coast Tafe.  Myself and another lady (Sharlene on the left) were the only two who took up the offer and studied for two years and achieved this goal.  We graduated in 2012 feeling that we had both learnt an impressive amount. 

Tafe Graduation with Sharlene

This then gave me the confidence to move forward and undertake studying with the University of Southern Queensland with a mission to complete my Bachelor of Education – Middle Years.  I have currently completed 19 out of the required 32 courses and hope to finish at the end of 2016 – fingers crossed.

Anyway, that’s enough about me for now – hope you all enjoy the read.

Thanks heaps,



2 thoughts on “A little bit about me…..

  1. Wow Sandra, small world! I actually know your son (no that he probably remembers me), and have worked with him in an outdoor setting. A few years back, he attended a State Youth Leadership Program (SYLP) through the PCYC. SYLP is held at PCYC’s Outdoor/Leadership Development Centre in the Nerang Hinterland. Budda was a pleasure to work with and liked be all.

    Best wishes with your studies!


    • That’s hilarious, yes, those SYLP programs have been incredibly awesome for Budda. He really enjoys it and yeh, he sure does have the gift of the gab. He’s truly learnt a lot from attending. Best of luck with your studies.

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