OH MY GOSH – How am I ever going to get all of this done???

I was checking through my emails just now and I came across this chestnut from James titled Time Management.  In his blog he talks about feeling overwhelmed with going on prac and all the assignments that he has piled up back to back that need to be completed.

I feel the same way, completely overwhelmed, concerned I’m not keeping up with everything, but I’m giving it a red hot go.  I have lesson planning to do for next week, an online quiz for 2400 that I need to get done today, I have a 2000 word assignment due and an upcoming exam that I really have not prepared for at all.  And let’s not forget this 3100 chestnut due 10 days after prac that I’ve barely started. 

But, I’ve been at this whole uni thing for a few years now and I always seem to get through it all – don’t know how I do, but I do, and I’m determined to do it again this semester. 


Those (insert expletive here) USQ Lesson templates….

What can I say?  I understand that we need to know all the things outlined on this template as we are learning to be teachers; however, in the real world I am not going to:

  • Type out my strategies to facilitate, guide and enable students to achieve the learning.
  • Type out how I need to synthesise learnings.
  • Type out which authoritative pedagogies I’ve supported, etc, etc.

This lesson template is over complicated, expects too much and is incredibly time consuming.  Whenever I have used this template the only part I ever use is the Resources, Introduction, Lesson Body and Conclusion sections.  All other parts are pretty much ignored and have no impact on my lesson.

So, what about something like this as a lesson template?  I know it’s very simplistic, but, it will work for me.  And, once I’ve finished this whole uni journey, I feel confident in saying that I will never, ever, ever use the USQ lesson template again.

Great resources that will prove rather helpful.

I know that USQ probably isn’t too fond of the whole ‘Facebook’ pages that we uni students love – and at times loath’.  However, they’ve proven to be incredibly helpful to me in my quest for resources for my teaching.  Here’s a few you tube clips that are simply fabulous, and are sure to keep the kids engaged and eager to learn.

Then there’s the resources, ahhh the resources.

This site is a Survival kit for casual teacher and does cost a mere $15, but promises to keep the kids busy and engaged with their learning.

And the old word search, probably not the most innovative resource out there, but it’s always great to have a few of these on hand.  Really easy to create and there’s a variety of shapes that are sure to delight our little cherubs.

Here’s hoping that these gems can help in the future.

Week 1 reflections.

Well, what a week it’s been.  These little grade oners are certainly giving me a run for my money; however, I’m loving it!!!

On the Wednesday I got a visit from my USQ liaison officer.  Quite a shock actually.  I was out the front of the class with my little ones lined up ready for me to teach them and my mentor says ‘The Vice Principal is coming this way, and he’s got some USQ guy with him’.  Far out I thought.  As if I need this added pressure.  Then my mentor says ‘They’ve got no record of you being here, have you been signing in each day?’  Well, all this in the space of about 15 seconds.  Pressure!!!

Anyhooo, it all turned out fine, the Vice Principal was just showing the USQ dude where to go and then the  Vice Principal just turned and left.  The USQ guy was just making sure I was fine and was only there for a very brief time.  After class I went to the office and said ‘I have been signing in’ and the lady said ‘Oh yeh, that’s right, it’s all fine now’.  Man.  They weren’t looking hard enough to see where I HAD been signing in each day.

I was reading through Saranna’s blog and saw a lovely photo of a lady with her feet up resting on the couch.  This will be me in a very short space of time.

I was reading ‘Ramblings of a Preservice Educator’ and was pleased to see that this blog gives a great spin on prac and a helpful mentor.

Anyhoo, off to write a few more blogs then up my feet will go.  Hope you’re all loving prac…

What does it matter about ICT if you don’t have great Behaviour Management?

So, first lesson was quite the experience.  I had the PowerPoint ready for use on the Interactive White Board, thought I was quite savvy in my presentation – and so did my mentor because she gave me a ‘very good’ for preparation – was chuffed with that.

However, what’s the point in teaching kids if they’re not engaged in learning?  I had them in the palm of my hand to begin with, then had them once again in the palm of my hand while using MAB blocks to add, then it all kind of turned a little bit sour.  Kids lost focus, I had difficulty pulling it all back together again, but I eventually got there.

I have worked one thing out today, and that’s how to make kids listen.  One particularly charming child decided to spit on the floor – yes – spit on the floor.  But it wasn’t just a simple spit, it was a long slow spit like the one from the very old movie Flatliners with Julia Roberts.  Yuk.  Anyhoooo, I pulled out the ‘Mummy voice’, and I tell ya, this little fella who does not listen to anyone – like eva – listened to me and cleaned it up immaculately.  My mentor and I later had a giggle about it all, albeit a bit grossed out.

So, apparently that’s the voice I need to harness when it all turns bad – scary Mumma Bear.

Uni….Pffft, ain’t nobody got time for that !!!!

It always seems that when I’m so full on with uni work that my family requires all of my time as well.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my family, however, it would be much more convenient for them to want me when I’m not doing uni work.

My daughter, lovely creature, is on the debating team for Kedron State High School https://kedronshs.eq.edu.au/Pages/default.aspx and that’s all well and good.  However, I had to drive her to the other end of the universe last night to attend said debate.  This took a lot of time, had to pick up another team member along the way and we stopped and bought a cheap nasty dinner, which is fine from time to time.  The issue is that while the other team showed up, they didn’t realise they had to ‘sign in’ so were disqualified.  Far out…

So not only was a lot of my valuable time wasted, it was wasted for no apparent reason and my uni sits untouched.  On the upside, Kedron High won their debating comp last night.  Well done Kedron….

Assignment 2 done – Yahoooooo.

So, there it is.  I think I’ve completed this second assignment.  I’ve sent if off to The Learning Centre for them to give it the once over so I suppose we’ll see how it goes these there.

Reflections on this assignment:

  • It took me about 30 odd hours to complete.
  • I actually feel I learnt a lot from it.
  • Unit plans are fiddly things.
  • I could have worked harder on the reflection.

Anyway, I hope those that are out there still working on it get it done a little quicker than I did.  Best luck everyone.